Digital trophy case

Dylan Reed, Reporter

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With graduation coming up, so will a new addition to Meridian High School, the digital trophy case. The digital trophy case will be a 55″ screen mounted on a kiosk. “It’s going to have a lot on it,” says senior, Nate Durbin, member of the digital trophy case public relations group. “It’ll show things like sports and academic awards.”

“The trophy case will be on a wall with glass plaques displaying accomplishments that teams have made throughout Meridian,” says senior Connor Hurelbrink, member of the group, “In the middle of the wall will be a big hawk logo. With all of this, we are trying to increase our school spirit and show everyone what to be proud of.”

How did we get the money you may ask? “We presented our plan to Macon and Blue mound and they both helped pay for a big portion of it,” said Cameron Getz, also part of the group.

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