Does love sometimes go too far?


photo by Whitney Jarrett

Baby girl Jarrett wears her t-shirt given to her by her grandma (Jarrett’s mother) to show support for her mommy. “I felt emotional because she really doesn’t know what happened, she thinks I broke my leg changing a light. It was a happy feeling she is supporting me, says Whitney Jarrett”

by Madison Kirkland, Reporter

Jarrett shows her wounds in a selfie.
Whitney Jarrett
Jarrett with her walking braces. “Walking braces, keep pushing til I get it.”

July 31, 2017, Whitney Jarrett had a life-threatening experience because she didn’t want to be with a guy anymore.

On a corner store, A1 Grocery, Jarrett was there speaking with family around 10:30 pm – 11:00 pm when she believes her shooter drove by and saw her there then came back.

Jarrett says her shooter said to her before that he was going to show her he doesn’t play about her. “My first reaction was I couldn’t die, I have two children who need me, I told myself to stay calm and I was going to be alright not realizing I had been shot five times.”

Jarrett’s step-mom came back after pulling out of the parking lot, picked her up, and took her to the hospital. Jarrett really felt betrayed by someone she loved and trusted.

“This has affected my life completely, I’ve missed so much in my children’s lives, I’m incapable of walking until further notice. I feel as though that causes restrictions with my motherly duties, I now have to depend on others to help me with my children. I can’t work like I’m used to doing to provide for my kids,” Jarrett says. “Every day is depressing not knowing when you will be able to feel your legs again and knowing you didn’t deserve this all because you didn’t want to be with someone. My family now has to adjust to my needs such as getting a new home– changing their lives around for me.” 

Jarrett’s father says that when first hearing the gunshots, they all ran, but when realizing his baby was shot, he immediately had her stepmother take her to the hospital.

Jarrett’s shooter later came up to the hospital to check on her like nothing happened. She didn’t know he had come up until later notice because she was in a slight coma.

The father of Jarrett says, “this experience has made me look at life differently, I now have to provide for my grandchildren and daughter. My whole life has changed due to this situation, I learned you cannot take life or people for granted.”

“My life was put in critical condition by a boyfriend because I no longer wanted to be with him. I think young girls should know no matter how long you have known a person it doesn’t matter. I knew him from middle school to now, was in a relationship with him in middle school and for a year and a half. Until this incident he was around my children, they called him dad and he tried to take me from them. I realized you can’t really trust anyone in this world but your kids. When a man tells you he loves you so much he’ll do anything to make sure no one has you, believe him.”

She feels hurt because their lives have changed but still happy she can see her the faces of her babies. “I really don’t know how to describe it because it was a happy feeling and it was the fact I could have left my kids alone in this world with them asking where their mommy is because of who I allowed to enter our lives. So my feelings were just everywhere.”

Staying by his daughter’s side through every step, the father speaks up and says, “she has improved a lot to walking with her leg braces and walker on her own. Things have gotten harder because we’ve never had to deal with a situation like this. It is all life changing from putting her in the tub because she can’t do it herself and taking her to the restroom. It’s depressing but I’m glad she’s still here. It hasn’t gotten too much easier because we’re still getting used to it but I’m sure it will soon get easier.”

Statistics show that Decatur will have more shootings in 2017 than we have had in the past six years, according to the Decatur Herald & Review.

Also stated from the Herald and Review from their latest story on a 12-year-old girl being shot in the leg, in Decatur on Main and Hilton, things started going downhill starting July, 2017.