One shot at forever visit


photo by Chelsea Dunmire

These two are a catch! Dale and Dean Otta came to visit Meridian High School’s English 3 class Tuesday, May 9. They talked about the book and about old memories.

by Madison Kirkland , Reporter

Chelsea Dunmire
Group shot! English 3 takes a group photo with the Otta twins after their visit. This was an educational visit for the class.
Chelsea Dunmire
The Otta twins stand next to their posters made by Dylan Reed.


Dylan Reed
Oversized baseball cards. Junior, Dylan Reed makes posters as baseball cards representing the twins for their welcoming. “Dean was really funny,” claims Reed.

Twins Dale and Dean Otta played on the baseball team for Macon High School Ironmen in 1971. They were also in the book One Shot At Forever by Chris Ballard.

The two came to Meridian High School on Tuesday, May 9, to visit the junior English class, who recently read the book.

Dale Otta thinks it is interesting, that it seemed like nobody wanted to coach them. Their high school years they had three different coaches in the four years they played. They had Mr. Carlton for one year, Coach Burns, who was the football coach that was pretty much forced to do it, and then Sweet who was convinced to do it and wasn’t interested at first. “They didn’t know we were pretty darn good,” says Dale.

Most of the team played together all throughout elementary, so they knew each other, how each other played and what to expect. While on the bus on their way to a game, they played Jesus Christ Superstar and once they got to their location for pre-game warm-ups, they put their big stereo on the bench and cranked it up to full blast. People on the other team, coaches, and players looked like, “who the hell are these guys,” says Dale.

The original writer of the book, Chris Ballard, said, “Macon is going to be remembered.. they will remember Macon because Macon had a different twist..they dared to be different, they had long hair, wore peace symbols and they played Jesus Christ Superstar.” Their uniforms didn’t even match, and they had a girl scorekeeper; girl sports weren’t even a thing at that time.

Dale and Dean state that the toughest team they played had to be Mt. Zion.

Now, a former player, Brian Snitker, who played right field, was named the manager of the Braves Triple-A club, the Gwinnett Braves, on October 14, 2013. Now starting May 17, 2016, the Atlanta Braves named Snitker as their interim manager. Since that baseball group, two players have passed away.

After awhile Dean worked on the school board for a couple years and now works with Red Cross and travels all over the country to help out with floodings, tornados, fires, etc.

Dale says until the book came out he didn’t know that Sweet and McClard didn’t get along. Also, while he worked at Catapiller for years, he worked with a guy in purchasing and until the book came out they didn’t realize they had played against each other in a baseball game.

Junior, Dylan Reed, made posters that resembled baseball cards of them to welcome them here. It took him about an hour to make a poster for both of them. “It was great and I learned a lot. Dean was really funny,” says Reed about their appearance.

Dale and Dean showed that even if you lose, it does big things and won’t be forgotten.