Student teacher gets job for next year


photo by Madison Kirkland

Shelbyville gains a great teacher starting next year. Tim McElroy is rocking his new purple gear, gift from cooperating teacher Denna Williams. “Excited for the opportunity…[I] want to be a positive role model,” says McElroy.

by Madison Kirkland, Reporter

Tim McElroy, a student teacher at Meridian for physical education class, got a job for next year in Shelbyville at Moulton Middle School.

McElroy is currently attending Millikin University for physical education. He decided this is what he wanted to do when he was a freshman in high school. He loved school and wanted to coach and be a positive role model. “Junior high is a tough time for many kids and I want to be a positive role model for them,” says McElroy.

He will be teaching sixth to eighth-grade boys’ classes along with fourth and fifth-grade regular classes. McElroy decided to apply for a job at Shelbyville because he feels that they have a very strong community. When he got the call saying he got the job, he felt “proud and very excited for the opportunity.”

Senior Brea Miller had McElroy first hour every day, and to her, he made PE class fun and he was also a good guy. “He really tried to get us to push harder and he really helped me get better at the things we did in class that I wasn’t so good at,” says Miller.

Denna Williams, PE teacher at Meridian high school, says, “It was great working with Mr. McElroy.¬† He was a great teacher candidate. Always early, organized and had his work done.” Also, Williams states he got more confident and stronger with discipline as he went.

Williams was excited¬†that McElroy got the Shelbyville job. “I have never had a student teacher have a job before they were done teaching. That tells you what type a person he is,” she says.

Williams was so happy for him that she, knowing Shelbyville’s colors are purple and white, went and got him three jackets in his new school colors. He put one on after opening the gift and wore it the whole day. Williams says she’s “really happy for him and Shelbyville. They got a good one with Mr. McElroy… He’ll just keep getting better.”