Mark it off the bucket list, Meridian Moments made the SISPA Golden Dozen


photo by Sydney Camfield

Fusing the old with the new. Some of last year’s staff members pose with their award winning book. In order to finish this book the staff had a lock-in the night of graduation. “I was surprised, to be honest. Mostly because I thought it was too late in the year to learn about any new awards. I am really proud of us though-SISPA’s a big deal!” says Marissa Oliver.

by Andrea Ricker , Editor-in-Chief

On Friday, February 24, yearbook adviser Ms. Moore found out the Meridian Moments’ 2015-16 yearbook made the SISPA (Southern Illinois School Press Association) Golden Dozen.

“The SISPA Golden Dozen is a yearbook competition that covers Illinois, Southern Indiana, Northen Kentucky, and the St. Louis area. They award their Golden Dozen to the twelve best yearbooks in that area,” says Moore.

The 2015-16 yearbook was steampunk themed, which is something most school’s haven’t done. It was a yearbook about fusing the old with the new, based off of combining habits of the old building with the technology of the new. “It was super unique. A lot of books have cliche themes, but I’ve never seen a steampunk yearbook before. Overall, the whole book flowed together well, and even though we had “smog” on the pages, it looked really polished,” says current Editor-in-Chief Marissa Oliver.

Moore had a surprise meeting in study hall with the members of last year’s staff who were able to attend, including last year’s Editor-In-Chief TillieAnn Boliard, “I was able to remain pretty calm when Mama Moore told us. But I was screaming like a fan girl meeting her favorite TV actor on the inside.”

“I know how hard my staff worked last year to truly make this book spectacular. There was no way our hard work and dedication could have gone unnoticed,” added Boliard.

This was the third book Moore has entered into the competition, and this year SISPA changed the categories for the Golden Dozen. Now, smaller schools are competing against schools their size. “If they continue to run [the competition] fair where we’re competing against schools our own size, I think we stand a chance,” says Moore on the possibility of winning again. “Our vision for it is really cool and what we have so far is coming together well,” says Oliver, “So, hopefully when it’s complete, it’ll win awards just like our previous years did.”

There’s still time to order this year’s book. “If student’s are not buying a yearbook they are really missing out,” adds Moore, “Missing out on all the hard work that their peers put into recording the year. They will want to remember those stories at some point in their lives.” This year the staff is trying a style of yearbook they haven’t done before, which will hopefully bring another Golden Dozen win for the staff.

Boliard adds,”Our theme was unique and fun last year and it was interesting in general. I think that really helped us to make it so over the top. Anyone can do a collage theme or generic book, but we made it special. We made it Meridian.”