1920’s board game


photo by Madison Kirkland

Jazzy in U.S. History class. Students created their own board games with the 1920s incorporated in them. Dylan Reed and his group did their game featuring Jazz Age and Culture. “My favorite part about this was the game pieces because I made them,” says Reed.

by Madison Kirkland, Reporter

Over the course of six class days and three weekend days, U.S. History classes were to create their own board game consisting of a 1920’s topic.

The students got into groups of about three and had to create a board game concerning an aspect of 1920’s America, getting to choose between five topics: prohibition, the jazz age and culture, the rise of spectator sports, culture clash of the 1920’s, and surge of nativism. Once the groups chose their topics, they had a list of guidelines they had to follow to meet the correct standards.

Mr. Kershner did a different 1920’s project last year but didn’t like the result. He enjoys doing activities over the 1920’s because he feels like it provides a variety of topics and ideas that students could use to make something of their own. “The game project seemed more my style,” says Kershner.

The idea for the board game came from himself and his brother who is also a teacher at Mt. Zion High School. The two brothers developed it together over a period of time.

Camille Gaither, junior, did her group’s board game over “culture clash of the 1920’s” because her group thought it would be a fun topic. They looked up ideas and things to do the game over and used the same ideas of two games and combined the likes of them.

Dylan Reed, junior, did his group’s board game over “jazz age and culture” because group member, Mackenzie Kallenbach, really likes jazz. It took them around four days to get their project done.

“My favorite part about this was the game pieces because I made them,” says Reed.

Kershner feels the project was successful and will be doing it again next year.