Band’s first Alumni Night


photo by Sydney Moore

Coming back! Alumni of the Meridian band gather after playing with the current band students. Graduates ranged from the age 19 to 39 and consisted of friends and family. “He [Cody Dawson] kept the band in tempo and beating on things at home really paid off,” tells sophomore Evan Dawson.

by Sydney Moore, Reporter

On February 10, the Meridian band held their first Alumni Night. The band was joined by Travis Robinson, Casey Reed, Lexi Doss, Josiah Dennis, and Cody Dawson. The five alumni received music that night and had little time to practice.

“Being back and playing the saxophone and seeing Mr. Hicks and enjoying the good moments we had at Meridian,” tells graduate Josiah Dennis about his favorite parts of the event.

Three current members of the band were joined by relatives. Tiffany and Brian Reed were joined by their father, Casey Reed on trumpet, and Evan Dawson was joined by his brother, Cody Dawson on drums.

“Since we’re a music based family, it was nice to have my brother, dad, and I playing all together as a family,” tells senior Tiffany Reed.

Mr. Hicks, band director, is thinking about making this a yearly event and considered it a success. His biggest fear about the event would have been not having any alumni show up. Hicks was asked by a few people to start the tradition and hopes the alumni enjoyed themselves as much as he enjoyed seeing his previous students.

“It never hurts to have more members in the band. Obviously, they didn’t know all the songs we were playing up in the stands, but as far as ‘did they help or hurt us,’ I really thought they helped us because any time people show our student body that they still care, I think that is the real benefit in doing this and it helps build a relationship with our community for the future,” says Mr. Hicks, band director.