Unhealthy lunches?


photo by Spencer Maxwell

Unhappy student. Stone Carroll stands where the a la carte line used to be. This year the a la carte line was removed. “Last year my favorite thing was the a la carte lunches,” says Carroll.

by Spencer Maxwell, Reporter

Meridian High School removed a la carte lunches this year because it’s said to be unhealthy for students.

A la carte lunches were a big part of school last year. This year, they have been taken out due to unhealthy foods and expenses. Principal Hurelbrink says it is “too expensive and very unhealthy.” Hurelbrink says kids are “upset” but the lunches did not meet Government’s nutritional standards.

“A la carte lunches were something students looked forward to everyday,” stated sophomore Stone Carroll.  Carroll is very upset that they have removed it and is also very mad. Carroll states, “it wasn’t unhealthy.” He is disappointed about lunch because “lines are so long now.”

Cook Adele Meyer says, “it was about time they stopped a la carte lunches.” Meyer says it is great that they have decided to get rid of the lunches and kids are eating healthier now. She also thinks that the lunches were very unhealthy and expensive too. Meyer states, “the lunches got too out of hand and was glad they stopped it.”

Students have different views than administrators and staff workers. Carroll says, “it’s all Michelle Obama’s fault.” However, Hurelbrink says he prefers to have the salad bar instead of the a la carte lunches.