Adding flair to the Blue Mound Memorial Library


photo by Andrea Ricker

Hard work. The Doering sisters’ mural is almost complete. The girls have worked more than 31 hours on this project. “We actually started painting it about a month before school started,” Marley Doering said.

by Andrea Ricker, Editor-in-Chief

Twins Marley and Zoe Doering were given the opportunity to paint a mural on the outside of the Blue Mound Memorial Library-a project which is almost complete.

The sisters have been involved in art since they were young. “My entire family basically did art, so I just kind of picked it up and enjoyed it,” Z. Doering stated. “Ever since I was a little bitty girl I’ve always liked drawing,” M. Doering added.

One day Ms. Klink told the girls that the Blue Mound Memorial Library was possibly looking for artists to paint a mural for them and signed them up. “We haven’t really done any big scale projects like this before,” M. Doering adds.

“[I think it brings] the community together and [shows] what we have in our local community, the talent that is already here,” Librarian Stephanie Renfro says.

The mural is based off of the new logo for the library, which shows a boy sitting under a tree and reading. Around the boy, you can see characters listen to him read. “We wanted to add a bit more [to the logo] so we added all the characters to it,” M. Doering says, “There were copyright problems when we first drew the sketch so we had to add more generic characters into it.”

The sisters went through five drafts of the mural. It also took them about 31 hours to get to the point they are now, and that doesn’t include the time spent coming up with ideas, working on drafts, and so on.

For most of the summer, you could find the Doering sisters painting this mural– they usually spent about three to five hours a day working on. “I thought they had very good work ethics,” says Renfro.

“It’s very fun [working with Marley]. Sometimes we do get on each others nerves, but most of the time we have fun,” says Z. Doering, “I think that’s just a sibling thing.” M. Doering also says how easy it is to work with Zoe, and how convenient it can be living with the person you’re working with.

“A lot of people have already come and commented and seen how it’s been going. It’s very fun to talk to them all,” Z. Doering says. “It’s nice knowing that someone else is going to appreciate this and appreciate all the hard work [we] put into it and be able to see it everyday and enjoy it,” M. Doering adds, “Hopefully when I get older I can bring someone here to see it.”

“I think it’s pretty neat that even when these girls are done with college and into their careers, they can look back and see what they’ve done and we can see where they’ve gone and where they were,” Renfro says with a smile.