Rustic romance and rock climbing: Coming soon


photo by Haley Pagel

Rustic Romance is in the air! The junior class shows off their theme on the invite cards for the upcoming dance. Mrs. Amato says the committee chose the bluish-teal color because it fit the theme best. While this is just the invite card, you may see Mrs. McKinney for your actual tickets.

by Haley Pagel, Reporter

The Junior class and sponsors have been preparing for their job of decorating this year’s upcoming prom on Saturday, April 30, at the Macon Community Center.

The class of 2017 stepped up to the plate this year and are very excited to invite all Meridian juniors, seniors, and guests to prom! The decided theme is Rustic Romance, so think of the romantic outdoors, burlap table decor, mason jar candle lighting, plus certain eye-catching foliage.

The Class of 2017’s sponsors, Mrs. Amato, Mrs. McKinney, and Mr. Reedy, have been preparing for this country-styled coronation since their students’ freshman year. Prom tickets, decorations, and renting our favorite photographer doesn’t come cheap, though.

Mrs. Amato says that the class has held several fundraisers to prepare for the big night, “We’ve sold raffle tickets in the past and raffled off an iPad Mini, iTunes gift cards, and Beats headphones.” With the funds they received, they were able to book the community center, the photographer, the DJ, and the decorations. Amato also says the theme was chosen because everyone agreed it was something unique and hadn’t been done often.

One prom committee member, Chelsea Getz, recalled that the theme idea came from magazines during a prom planning meeting. Getz joked, “It’s just another activity to be in. It’s our prom, so it’s nice to be a part of it.” She and several other juniors including Amy Aukamp, Chloe Herbert, Marissa Oliver, and Brittany Miller have all made the prom plans become reality. Getz mentioned that she’s most excited to show off the decorative tree covered with lights, but everything else is going to be amazing as well; don’t come expecting hay bails.

The prom committee isn’t the only group hard at work preparing for April 30th. Several parents have taken on the task of planning the real party after the party: Post Prom. One of the co-chair members of the Post Prom Committee, Suzanne Aukamp, has been planning every detail to ensure that post prom will be a success. The other co-chair members include Kia Thomas and Traci Herbert.

Aukamp excitedly mentions that post prom will include a, “volleyball tournament, basketball tournament, dodge ball tournament, mechanical bull, hypnotist, photo booth, batting cage, rock wall, bags games, ping pong, a human Foosball inflatable, a 5 in 1 inflatable that includes tug of war/jousting/basketball/volleyball, etc. that will rotate on the hour, golf simulator, music, hungry hippos games, bingo games, board games, life size Jenga, scavenger hunt, lots of food and lots of laughter!”

She also states that winning certain games and tournaments may result in gift cards and cash prizes. If games aren’t your style, do not fear, because they also have Domino’s pizza, hot dogs, fruit, dessert, popcorn and more for the post prom snacking.

The Class of 2017 has been planning, decorating, and waiting excitedly for the night of April 30th, so don’t plan your hair appointments and dinner dates too late, because prom starts at 7:00 p.m. Prom coronation begins at 7:30 and the dance will last til 10:00 p.m. After the dance, switch out those dresses and tuxes for tennis shoes and athletic shorts and head over to the Decatur Indoor Sports Center. Post-prom begins at 11:00 p.m. and ends at 6:00 a.m.

What are you most pumped about?