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March 22, 2016


photo by Sheila Moore

Two hours later… The Drama Club piled into the Meridian school bus to compete at the Drama Sectionals. The students would arrive at Belleville West High School after a two hour long bus ride. Junior Andrea Ricker says, “We listened to showtunes throughout the ride.”

New drama members showed off their talents on Friday, March 18, at Belleville West High School, in Belleville, Illinois, to attempt advancing to state in the drama sectionals.

Even though Rock of Ages (RoA) may be over, there’s still plenty of action for the Meridian Drama Club. Many thespians, new and old, came together last Friday to compete against other drama clubs all around Illinois. Each club was given a specific set of rules to follow while participating in the competition. For example, the show must not be longer than 40 minutes and 30 seconds; for every 30 seconds you exceed, points will be deducted.

The show chosen by Director Sheila Moore, simply titled The Audition, takes place during a typical high school audition day and the days that follow. The 38 minute one act show is filled with humor, real-life teenage struggles, and a determined boy in leg warmers.

Moore explained her decision-making process was based on a few factors, “Well, it had to be a certain time limit and they do not allow musicals so we could not use anything from Rock of Ages, which we were prepared for, so we needed something easy to learn.”

While the show may have been shorter and less musically-involved than RoA, many actors agreed that the practices for the competition were intense in their own way. Actress and senior Marty Deetz, who played “different girl” Soleil, agreed that, “some parts were frustrating because sometimes not everyone was there, but now everyone is here and getting their lines down, so it’s getting quicker and a little bit more fun, especially now that I have my lines down.”

Deetz recalls that the hardest lines to remember were very repetitive and paragraphs chunked together. Many of the leading parts had the same difficult style of dialogue, but the cast met the challenge with a smile and then some.

Sophomore actor Ian Carnahan, who played Yuma, was dressed in neon tights and fuzzy leg warmers and caused quite a few dancing disruptions. While his lines were simple, it was the dancing that really made his character come alive. All it took was a little sprinkler here, pencil sharpener there, and a quick whip to finish it off.

Moore mentioned that she can’t wait to work with him and the other returning actors next year, as well as newcomers to the drama program. Actress Mackenzie Kallenbach, sophomore, said that she wanted to be a part of this show because she has always had an interest in drama and hopes to be in the production next year as a possible lead.

On March 19, Moore received word from the judges and, unfortunately, Meridian will not be advancing to state after sectionals due to their 6th place finish. However, three of our actors have been chosen to be a part of the All-State Drama Team! Special congratulations to Tiffany Reed (who played Ms. Torrence), Ian Carnahan (who played Yuma), and Marty Deetz (who played Soleil) on their selection to the team.

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