The final curtain call


photo by Andrea Ricker

Encore! Seniors practice their bows for Rock of Ages. Most of the seniors have been in the program for years. “I get really really sad after [the show’s] over,” Haley Pagel says.

by Andrea Ricker, Editor-in-Chief

Seniors will be saying goodbye to the program they’ve been a part of for years.

Mrs. Moore brought back the drama club two years ago with Grease, and ever since then there’s always been a heartfelt goodbye to the senior class.

This year will be especially tough because most of the seniors have been a part of the drama program since their sophomore year, some even earlier than that.

“I have a lot of my best memories from drama practice,” says senior Audrey Durbin. Durbin has been involved in drama since she was in fourth grade and it’s going to be an emotional night when she does her final bows. Although this won’t be her last year, she plans to continue acting in the future.

“It’s a big chunk of my usual day and I enjoy doing it so much. I love singing and performing,” senior Haley Pagel has been in the drama club since her sophomore year in Grease. “It’s really heartbreaking [knowing this is my last year] because the drama club is like my family.”

There are even a few newcomers to the program. Rock of Ages is Beau Kallenbach’s first and last high school performance. “It wasn’t as I expected it to be,” Kallenbach adds, “I expected it to be a lot more strict but it’s a lot more laid back and everybody has more fun with it.”

Once we say goodbye to our seniors, we’ll have to face the fact that there’s going to be a small cast for the show next year. Most of the drama club is seniors so there won’t be a lot of returning cast members.

“It will affect how I choose a show,” Moore says. She picks her shows based on the number of students who are going to be in the show. For example, last year she knew she would have a large cast so she chose Les Miserables, a musical with a large cast.

Just like family. Seniors have fun on the set of the musical. The drama club has brought people closer together. "Drama has brought me so many friends I never thought I'd have." Audrey Durbin says.
Andrea Ricker
Just like family. Seniors have fun on the set of the musical. The drama club has brought people closer together. “Drama has brought me so many friends I never thought I’d have,” Audrey Durbin says.

Meridian drama will also be performing a play next year instead of a musical. While the program has become known for their musicals, doing a play might not be such a bad thing. “I think it’s still going to be really good because a lot of the people have really good acting skills that are going to be more projected,” Durbin adds. Plays can also give people who don’t like singing an opportunity to still be in shows.

“I live for that moment where parents and family members are out in the audience and get to see their child in a role that they don’t expect,” says Moore, “and then to have all of those people congratulate and stand and applaud and have students go ‘oh my gosh, this is awesome,’ that is my favorite moment.”

Drama club is a fun experience that people should try even if they don’t think they’re good at acting. “I didn’t think I could sing or act or do any of it- turns out I still can’t- but people support me,” Kallenbach says.

“[My favorite thing about drama is that] it brings together so many different types of people and we all love each other in spite of how different we are,” Durbin says.