Quarter of the way through the year, chorus gets a new room


photo by Andrea Ricker

by Andrea Ricker, Editor-in-Chief

Chorus students start their day off by singing.
Andrea Ricker
Chorus students start their day off by singing.

Chorus members will finally have a room all to themselves after spending years operating out of the small gym, then spending nine weeks sharing with the band. 

Choir Director Ms. Dowd seems tickled with the idea of a room just for the choir. She adds that she’ll feel more settled knowing that this room is just for them.

The new room features high ceilings, microphones for recordings, and soundproof walls. Details like these can help students reach their full potential.

“It’ll make us sound a lot better than we already are,” states junior choir member Ben Kersey.

“We can record ourselves and figure out where we messed up,” says sophomore choir member Corryn Brock about the room’s microphones. Dowd also says that she can use the microphones to play back songs after the choir sings so that they can critique themselves. Using this method can help individual students and sections improve on their singing ability.

Outside noises can be a problem while rehearsing, so the soundproof walls and doors will help keep the noise inside the room. Students won’t have to worry about being distracted by noise in the hallways anymore.

“I really like how it’s soundproof and it has really good acoustics,” senior choir member Marty Deetz says with excitement. Dowd states that it will also help chorus with projection and volume.

The new room also has a new seating arrangement. Chairs are set on risers allowing sections to be closer together. “I feel like it’ll benefit our sense of community and family in here because we are going to have to really work together,” says Dowd, “We’ll just learn to get along and encourage others and to help each other.”

“I’m super excited to finally be in here and very relieved to not have to share a room anymore,” says Dowd, “It’s a sigh of relief to finally be here.”

There’s a lot of future plans for the choir. Dowd states that they’re going to try to have more concerts and travel more. Dowd adds, “I think we’ll be able to do a lot of great stuff in this room.”