Not so serious!

There were recent rumors going around the school saying things like the “The new part of the school wasn’t built right” or “It could collapse at any minute.” The truth is that there is really nothing wrong with the structure/construction of the new part of the school.  Mr. Blickensderfer says that there was nothing seriously wrong with the new school. He told me ” there were some doors that needed fixing so they could close correctly” and “some of the wood on the gym floor needs fixing to stop them from popping up.” So those of you who told your parents that the new part of the school was on the brink of collapsing can relax. Students may never know how the rumor of the schools structural damage was started but it can be as easy as having bad information or not hearing someone correctly for someone to  tell their friends and blow something out of proportion and start a frenzy.  Always find a reliable source of information before believing anything your friends or someone tells you.