Snow Dayz

Snow days can be a blessing for some or a tragedy for others, depending on the type of student. Our school has already used all five of its snow days and winter is not ending soon.

Mr. Dan Brue, Meridian Superintendent, was asked what factors he took into consideration when deciding a snow day or not. Brue claimed there are many factors that he takes into account, such as road conditions, windchill, and visibility. Mr. Brue said, “Prior to calling a snow day, I will either drive the roads to make a determination and/or call the road commissioner to get a report.”

When taking the windchill into affect, he says,  “when the windchill drops below -20 to -25, most districts begin contemplating calling school off.”

When asked how he felt about using all five of our snow days already, he said, “I think it’s unfortunate that the district has used them all. It puts the school in a situation of adding school days to the end of the calender, or shortening spring break vacation days.”

Senior Hayden Morrow was asked about snow days, “I like snow days, even though I’m stuck at home with nothing to do but it still beats going to school.” Morrow said he doesn’t mind driving in the snow/ice but there is a lot of “idiots” who don’t know how to drive in it. Morrow was asked how the snow days effect his homework, he said “they give me more time to put homework off, but when we get back some things can be confusing.”