Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a first-person shooter, Role Play Game (RPG). Created by the creators of Halo, Bungie spearheaded the project with the help of Activision. As of the last few months, the game has seen much change. Switching to “free to play,” with access to two of the four Downloadable Contents (DLC’s) without pay. With this change also came the separation from Activision, who the community had been complaining about with rumors that Activision was holding back the production of DLC for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 has a character customization system, where you can choose from three different kinds of species and male or female. Exo’s who are man-made robots, Awoken who are a mysterious species with a dark and convoluted past, or Human. Along with it allowing you to fully customize the look of your character, you can choose from three different classes, Titan, Warlock, Hunter.  Titan being the brute, hunter being quick and agile, while warlock being a mix of the two.

The Destiny 2 campaign picks up almost right after Destiny; here you are thrown into a full assault on your base, named The Tower. Ghoul, a cabal general, is obsessed with the traveler, (the source of your power); he wants to use the light to empower himself and enslave all of Life. In this story you will see your character broken, losing all their light. Light is the name of your power, while Ghoul and other enemies serve the darkness, an ancient evil.  You are sent out to rekindle your connection to the light and seek out a shard of the traveler. Through the campaign, you fight your way back to take back The Tower, and fight off the darkness.

Multiplayer includes three main parts, Crucible, the competitive action-packed multiplayer, with a plethora of different game modes including 6v6 and 3v3. Strikes are one of the PVE (player versus enemy) multiplayer game modes, in this you are put into a team of three and face against bosses with different mechanics to their encounter. Allowing each strike to feel unique and different from the last. Raids are the team of six massive fights, with different bosses leading up to the main boss, through all of this you can acquire raid specific gear, to show your accomplishments and triumphs.

Destiny 2 has two free DLC’s, along with two other paid DLC’s, these offer new content, these roughly come out every three to six months, allowing players to have new content and experiences.

Destiny 2 is a large scale free roam game, with many planets to explore throughout the game, with new content coming in regularly. It allows the player to not feel burnt out as fast, overall Destiny 2 earns an 8/10 in my opinion.