MLB The Show 19

Kyle Farmer


photo by Kyle Farmer

Hey batter, batter. Mitch Ripple and Jacob Rhodes join my podcast to talk about MLB the Show 19. “I like playing Diamond Dynasty the most,” Mitch Ripple said.

by Kyle Farmer , Executive Producer


MLB The Show 19 came out March 26 for PS4. There are three different package deals for MLB The Show. The first is just a regular game, also there is an MVP edition and a Gone Yard Edition. So go listen to the linked podcast where I discuss the game with two groups who play online.

Bryce Harper is on the cover of this game and is in his Phillies uniform but is not on their roster because he didn’t sign with a team in time. The other player who is not on this game is Hisashi Iwakuma for the Seattle Mariners, who people were said to be excited about.

There are several different categories to play on MLB The Show. One is Diamond Dynasty, where you build your own team and play against other players. Play Now is where you can play one on one. Then there is March to October where you choose your team and play important moments in the season and try to get your team to the playoffs, there is also Franchise mode where you play as your team and play a 162 game season. Road To The Show you start by creating your own player, which then you will start in Double-A and move up to the MLB.

There are also mini battles like the Home Run Derby, where you can pick your own player. You could have 8 players all the way down to two players. A retro mode where it like you’re playing it back in the day. They also have legendary players like Babe Ruth, Ken Griffy Jr, and Chipper Jones to add to your franchise team.

I have played this game for the last eight days and would say this is one of the best baseball games to come out. I give this game a 9.8 out of 10.