Dribble your way through 2k18


photo by Dudek1337

Splash! People all over the world are saying this is the best 2k by far. Zack Harper pre ordered this game so he could play it right away. “I love this game and I plan to drop all my friends off on the court.”

by Spencer Maxwell, Reporter

Do you want a game where you can drain threes and make your own signature shoe brand? If so, then you need to get the new NBA 2k. Pick this game up at any nearby GameStop or order it online. People are already saying this is the best edition so far, and there are so many more things you can do in this thrilling game. At the start, you may choose to be a three-point shooter, center, ball-handler, or basically any type of player. Also, you can play a quick game of five-on-five on any court against any team, or play on the blacktop with your favorite people, all the way back to Bill Russell.

This edition is way different than any of other NBA 2k game, it is more of an open-world game, rather than just playing basketball and staying on the courts. In this year’s game, you are able to walk around the neighborhood and play street-ball against other online opponents. You may also buy clothes at Famous Footlocker and other stores like it, get a fresh haircut, and even go to the weight room.

“I love this game, and I plan to drop all my friends off on the court,” states junior, Zack Harper.

If you are looking for a more one-player typed gameplay, you can always go to your career and play as your player at the high school level. You will eventually move up to college and then to the NBA–even getting your own nickname. You can customize your own court: the floor, the hoops, etc. The best thing about this game is the graphics, they are stupendous! I would advise you to get this action-packed game and play as your favorite player on your favorite team.