Dog House


photo by Madison Kirkland

Drive on down to the Dog House, located at 4405 Route 36 East Decatur, IL, and try the dutch chocolate milkshake!

by Madison Kirkland, Reporter

Madison Kirkland
Fresh fries with a spicy cheese sauce is a go-to at the Dog House. It will have you going back up to order seconds or even thirds.

If you have a little extra money to spend, and you’re looking for a good place to eat, you should drive over to the Dog House located off route 36. They are a new facility, serving dogs, sausages, burgers and much more.

I went to the Dog House to grab a bite to eat. I was nervous at first, but I wasn’t disappointed. Walking in, you can smell the new wood finish to it, and the colors are very dull, but it definitely is not a dull place to be in. They have multiple TV’s around the restaurant at different angles so everyone can get the chance to watch. I ordered a regular classic hot dog and cheese fries on the side with a drink. The prices are fairly high, but the food is fresh and tasty. The added touch of using a toasted Hawaiian roll was an excellent choice, and the fries were fresh with a spicy cheese sauce that was so good I went back up and ordered two more sides of cheese fries.

They also have milkshakes. The chocolate milkshake is dutch chocolate and tastes a lot better than a regular chocolate shake. If you’re on a tight budget, come during happy hour which is Monday through Friday, 3-6 PM. They have two different burgers for $4 and fries or tater tots for $1.25.

I will definitely return for another order or two of cheese fries.