Pie’s the Limit measures up


photo by Sadie Scott

Let me get a pizza that! Pie’s the Limit is a newer pizza bar in Springfield. There, you can build a pie with a variety of toppings, sauces, and cheeses, all your own choice! “The crust was soft, with a crunch at the same time; the selection they had was very good,” says junior, Spencer Litteral.

by Sadie Scott, Editor-in-Chief

While in Springfield, you get the opportunity to try new restaurants you otherwise wouldn’t be able to around Macon and Blue Mound. I decided to try a pizza place I’d never heard of, Pie’s the Limit.

Pie’s the Limit sells, as you might guess, mostly pizza. However, there are exceptions such as small desserts like brownies and a type of cinnamon roll pizza, garlic bread “shark bites,” salads, and pasta.

Pie’s the Limit is a build-your-own-pizza bar, but I decided to get a classic pizza: marinara sauce, Parmesan cheese, and pepperoni. If you choose to go though, you will be bombarded with various options of sauces, cheeses, and toppings. Sauces can range from the original marinara to go even as far as barbecue or hot wing sauce.

They have a wide variety of cheeses, including blue cheese crumbles and ricotta, which aren’t often in pizza. And lastly, an assortment of toppings going as far from salsa to whole meatballs.

While there are many choices to choose from, my one critique is I felt they should offer a variety of crusts, like thick, thin, or stuffed. However, that was a very small letdown compared to how amazing the pizza was.

The atmosphere was nice, but the waitstaff wasn’t really involved, which made it feel more like a fast food restaurant than a sit-down establishment. The restaurant was decorated simply, but nicely, and it wasn’t overly crowded.

Overall, I would give Pie’s the Limit a nine out of ten. I would recommend it to any pizza lover out there. The pizza was delicious, and the eating area was nice and clean. Visit them at 1710 S MacArthur Blvd, Springfield.