The last summer: A review


photo by Amber Miller

Netflix recently released an original called, “The Last Summer.” The movie captures what it’s like to be graduating high school while still trying to enjoy the last moments with friends.

by Amber Miller, Columnist


Netflix is a widely known subscription service for streaming movies and television. Recently, they came out with an original movie that is targeted for youth. The movie was released May 3, 2019. The movie stars KJ Apa, Maia Mitchell, Halston Sage, Jacob Latimore, and Sosie Bacon.

The movie opens with KJ Apa who plays Griffin, talking about what everyone plans to do after high school. This is something most teens can relate to, especially since a lot of students are graduating around this time of year.

Mai Mitchell plays Phoebe, who is trying to get into an art school by entering a film contest. In the movie, Phoebe wants no distractions and cannot risk to mess up her chances to get into the school.

Halston Sage plays Erin, who is smart and outgoing but always seems to have boy trouble. Erin gets caught up in a love triangle and has to make some hard decisions.

Jacob Latimore plays Alec, one of Erin’s boyfriends. He also ends up being in a love triangle and has to find a way to get out of it.

Sosie Bacon plays Audrey, who is still trying to find her way through life. Audrey ends up babysitting a little girl and adding a little sparkle to her life.

Even though the movie is focused on young teens, if you are older, you may still enjoy the movie.  The movie is fast-paced and constantly has an attention grabber for all viewers.

Overall, all of the characters in the movie have their own personality that most teens in high school can relate to. All of the twist and turns keep you wanting to watch and finish the movie.

In the end, I would give the movie an eight out of ten. For me, it was one of the most creative Netflix originals I have watched so far. If there was a sequel to come out, I would definitely want to see it.