Triple Frontier: review


photo by Candi Duncan

The movie is about five retired special forces that make a plan to steal money from a wealthy drug lord and kill him in Portugal.

by Candi Duncan, Reporter

Triple Frontier is a movie about a group of retired soldiers who are on a mission to capture a man by the name of Gabriel Martin Lorea in Portugal.

“I was the best of the best able to shut down, control, manipulate…all basic human instincts towards one goal: the completion of my mission,” said Captain Willam Miller in the movie.

The man who puts the whole operation in motion is Santiago. He has a girl who helps him that works for  Lorea and Santiago promised to her that he would get her and her brother out of the country.

“I will get you and your brother out of the country with new papers and money (two million),” said Santiago in the movie.

After I watched the movie I thought it was kind of dumb and pointless. I did not see a point in why a group of retired soldiers would go on a dangerous mission just to steal a bunch of money.

In the movie, they stole 250 million dollars, but by the end of the mission, they have 5,334,120 dollars.

The movie was full of action and gunfire, as well as a plane crash and a trip over the  Andes Mountains.

In the movie, the men took the money they stole and put it into a family trust which gives the money to the wife and kids of the men.

The movie was very good if you are into those kinds of movies I would rate it a five out of ten stars for overall view and picture.

I would say the movie would be a good one for adults and some teens but not for younger viewers, as it has graphic language and scenes that might not be suitable for younger kids.