Say the Word! Shazam!



Just say the word! Shazam has hit theaters, and is already recognized by many movie reviewers as the best recent DC movie. Zachary Levi is the man for the job, he portrays the adult superhero Shazam.

Seth Barnes, Reporter

Heroes come in many shapes and sizes. Billie Battson is an orphan who has gone from home to home, but this time he meets a family he finally connects with.

The story mainly focuses on Shazam’s origin story. It starts out with the story of Shazam the wizard, who gives Billie his powers. Once bestowed with these powers, Billie can say one word and be turned into a flying, lightning-shooting, super-speed, super-strength superhero. That word is Shazam!

Shazam focuses on the journey of Billy Batson. In the movie, he was separated from his mother at a carnival, and he’s spent his life hopping from foster home to foster home. He finally starts tracking down all people with the last name of Batson in Pittsburgh. On the way he gets adopted by a foster family, both parents who were foster kids. They have five other foster kids of their own, one named Freddy, they slowly become best buds. Throughout the movie, he helps Shazam (Billy) learn his powers. The movie presents a very good twist with Billy’s mother.

The main character who plays Billy is perfectly fit for the role. He delivers a solid performance in emotional situations and seems to be in tune with the role. Freddy’s actor is exactly the same, he is talented, gives off a friendly and happy/funny tone that does set the tone for the movie.

Shazam’s actor is so childish, which makes sense since Shazam is a kid trapped in an adult hero’s body. He delivers his line as a kid would, the best scene is when they both go in to purchase alcohol, it presents Shazam with his first run-in with a crime.

In conclusion, Shazam is a good movie, with hilarious characters and dialogue. The villain isn’t the best, but he is better than past DC villains. His back story is simple and easy to understand, it makes sense they wouldn’t cast a big Shazam villain like Black Atom, they wanted Shazam to shine and shine he did. I would rate Shazam an 8/10.