Tattoo: A Beautiful Sin by Kenny Sills


photo by Mike Borromeo

Tattoo is a story about a small town in Michigan where tattooed villagers are attacked.How you might ask. “You would need to read the book for that answer!” says Kenny Sills.

by Candi Duncan, Reporter

The book Tattoo: A Beautiful Sin is a murder story set in Walkerville, Michigan. The town was quiet and calm until it was turned upside down by a madman dressed like a surgeon, that likes to murder his victims by removing their tattoos surgically. The town frantically asks the nearby Grand Rapids homicide department for their help to solve this case.

“I sat down with the St. Louis forensics team. They taught me quite a few things,” said Kenny Sills, the author.

This book really makes you think about how anything can happen even in a small town things can happen. The words that the author uses to describe everything is exhilarating and makes the reader feel like they are right there in the story to watch everything unfold and happen before their eyes.

I personally loved the story and everything that happened in it. The story was so beautifully written, I just fell in love.

With every turn of the page, the reader is on the edge of their seat wanting to know what happens next. The well-written details made it feel so real like it was happening to the reader, and that the music was really played out loud around them.

“I had a friend with a tattoo and one day, as he was walking toward me, I saw the tattoo on his arm and the basic idea of being tied down and having it cut off just came to me,” said Sills.

The way he takes such care in his work and with the tattoos brings amazement to the reader’s eyes.

“He is thinking that he is cleaning his victims… doing them a favor,” said Sills.

The book not only has the murder, mystery, and suspense but it also has some romance. The books itself was incredible and so realistic that you can not wait to keep reading more.

“Tattoo will be at least a trilogy when I’m done,” said Sills.