Competitive arts


photo by Kendra Merris

Artist: Zoe Doering

by Drew Snow, Reporter


The Decatur Area Art Center hosted a five-day art exhibit for students, lasting from April 3-7.

There was a total of 63 pieces entered from Meridian. Out of them, 33 were from high school students and the other 30 were created by middle school students.

Art teacher Ms. Klink said, “I like to show off students’ artwork. I like it when my students’ work is judged and recognized by other people outside of the classroom.”

Klink enters students in multiple art exhibits throughout the year. In this exhibit, sophomore Alexis Rosenberger had a summer themed scratch board entered and plans on entering artwork in the next exhibit if it turns out as planned.

There will be plenty more art exhibits to come, and another one of Klink’s students, sophomore Erin Fasick, is planning on entering. Fasick and Rosenberger both started taking their art more seriously around the sixth and seventh grade.

Fasick mentioned, “I feel like my piece will do alright, but if there is something better, then that will win over mine.” Rosenberger also feels her piece will do alright.

Klink was hoping for a good result out of this show, stating, “I was disappointed that the 2D work was not recognized as much as I thought it would be.”

In the exhibit, there is a variety of works, from pottery to paintings. These exhibits also have good competition because there is artwork coming in from schools around and outside of the Decatur area. All-in-all, Klink has some hard working students who like these exhibits and want to get a ribbon out of it.