Windy City Trip

Looking over the Windy City on the Skydeck.

photo by Josselin Sheumaker

Looking over the Windy City on the Skydeck.

Students at Meridian High School will be attending a Broadway Show in the Windy City, Chicago. They need to dress nice for this performance. They also will be going to visit an Art Institute on Columbus Drive, where they will be looking at famous art by famous artists. Tiffany Reed, Meridian High School freshman is excited about, “ going to Chicago and seeing great performances.”  She wants to see interesting musicals they will have at the Oriental Palace Theater. Another student, sophomore Haley Pagel said, “ Never been to Chicago and it will be a whole lot of fun.” They have different shows, one is called Heartbeat of Home, another one is called, Riverdance, and they will listen to Afro-Cuban rhythms.

They are hanging out with their friends during this trip, Pagel said, “ready to hang out with all my buddies.” Reed is super excited to hang out with Madolyne Taylor. The students are so excited to go on the Chicago trip.

Friday, March 14, they left for the trip; Senior Braydon Barnes said, “ We got a new charter bus for the trip. Since it was new the seats were hard and uncomfortable, we all made jokes and got excited when we got closer to the city.”

They got to the Windy City, and they went straight to the Skydeck in Willis Tower. While they sat there, they ate their lunch, then went up to ”The Ledge,” which is 1,353 feet in the air. Barnes said, “The Skydeck was awesome, it was pretty neat to look straight down and see the street below. It was pretty tall and awesome.”

They got in their assigned groups to walk to the Art Institute, that was less than a mile away from the Skydeck. They entered the Art Institute at 2:30 p.m. They explored throughout the Art Institute and saw magnificent paintings. Barnes said, “It was neat to see a couple famous paintings but there were a lot of ‘art’ that didn’t look like anything special. One of the paintings was just green painted canvas, that was green.”