It’s no ‘Lie’ Sasha Sloan’s new album is phenomenal


photo by RCA

Official Only Child album cover. Sloan was self-taught on a piano her mother purchased when Sloan was five years old.

Sasha Sloan released her newest album, Only Child, on October 16, 2020. Sloan’s album provides thought-provoking imagery and gives a new perspective to different aspects of life. Sloan has released three EP’s, but Only Child is her first official album. Only Child consists of ten songs and each one tells a different story.

Alexandra Artourovna Yatchenko was born and raised just outside of Boston, although you may recognize her by her stage name, Sasha Sloan. Sloan was self-taught on the piano and enjoyed visiting her grandparents’ farm during the summer in Siberia, Russia. When she turned 19, she moved to Los Angeles to start her career and follow her dreams of being a songwriter. Sloan has helped write popular songs for many mainstream artists such as Camilla Cabello, Katy Perry, and Kygo before starting her own music career.

The Only Child album could not have came out at a more perfect time in my opinion. This year has given us a lot of time to do some deep self-reflection and has given us all a new perspective about what life is and what it means to us. I truly believe this album is the product of Sloan’s time self-reflecting which ultimately gives this album so much more meaning.

A reoccurring theme throughout the album seems to be what it means to grow up and mature, how our perspective of life evolves and how we start to learn that life isn’t the fairy tale we thought it would be. Sloan illustrates and concocts the perfect mental image for listeners with lyrics such as:

When I would go to sleep, I’d always say, “Mom
Keep the door open and please leave the light on”
‘Cause I thought monsters lived under the bed
That’s before I knew they walk the streets instead

In conclusion, Only Child is a fantastic album and her lyrics continually amaze me. This is a true artist with real potential and raw talent. I am very excited to see what great things Sloan accomplishes in the future because it seems like her career is only starting.