Astrid S’ debut album ‘Hits Different’

Ellie Fitzpatrick

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March 24, 2022

photo by Universal Music Group

Official Leave it Beautiful album cover. The namesake of the album comes from her Leave it Beautiful.

If you’re looking for a new artist off the beaten path, look no further than Astrid S. She is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. She recently released her debut album Leave it Beautiful on October 16, 2020. The album includes ten songs and has an electropop sound heard throughout the entirety of the album. Leave it Beautiful is musically astounding and will get you hooked on her music.

Astrid Smeplass was born on October 29, 1996. She was raised in a small town in Norway where she participated in a popular television show called “Pop Idol” in 2013 and earned fifth place. At the age of 16, Astrid released her first single “Shattered” then at 18 released her single “2 a.m.” under her stage name Astrid S. Astrid has even provided background vocals for Katy Perry’s “Hey Hey, Hey” song. She has since been signed with the Universal Music Group.

In my opinion, Leave it Beautiful is the perfect debut album for Astrid S, it showcases her phenomenal vocals and encapsulates her amazing talent. The songs and music videos for the album provide the listener with glimpses of Astrid’s unique personality. Astrid carries through confidence throughout her album with lyrics such as “If looks could kill, I’d get away with it” and “I don’t need permission to be who I wanna be”.

Astrid S is not only talented but also very relatable. Astrid manages to turn the feelings we can’t always describe into a lyrical masterpiece. Her entire album shows so much growth, it’s almost as if you can physically see her become the person she was always meant to be as the album progresses.

Overall, this is an album that should not be skipped and is definitely worth a listen. It’s always exciting to discover new artists who haven’t become mainstream yet, although, with this album, it might not be long for Astrid S. I look forward to what great things Astrid accomplishes and I can’t wait until her next album.