Dashing through holiday season safely


photo by Zoey Hayes

Since December is right around the corner, chose indoor activities and wear your mask instead of going out this year.

The holiday season is right around the corner. Some may say that Christmas trees and caroling should be saved for after Thanksgiving, but it’s never too early to think about spending habits, traditions, and more importantly, how to stay safe if you visit family.

COVID-19 has hit some families hard and ruined quite a few traditions, but there are still options. This year, try these alternatives:

  • Viewing the plethora of Christmas lights from the warmth of your car
    • Staying in your car keeps you safe from the chilly winter air and those who could be carrying COVID-19. Cozy up and turn those Christmas tunes on.
  • Only using cash when paying for your gifts
    • Using cash to pay for your presents eliminates the stress of possibly going into debt when using a credit card. When using a card for online payment, make sure you keep track of what you spend and keep a detailed list.
  • Having a budget for Christmas presents
    • Budgeting can be simple; just set aside an amount of money for each person. For example, some people spend at least 20-30 dollars on each immediate family member. This amount could be more or less, depending on how much COVID-19 has affected your savings.
  • Try buying from local and small businesses when not online shopping
    • Ordering presents online seems to be the trend in a lot of households. Ordering online keeps you out of stores and socially distanced. Buying from small businesses helps business owners heavily affected by COVID-19.
  • Consider mailing Christmas cards instead of visiting your family
    • Staying safe and distancing yourself from family members at risk is a top priority in many homes this holiday season. Social distancing is a large part of what we as citizens can do to slow the spread of COVID-19.
  • Show your family what you learned over quarantine
    • Make your family a painting or a mini Christmas tree out of popsicle sticks. If you practiced baking, have a gingerbread house competition and make your own gingerbread. This practice eliminates overspending on gifts and a homemade gift is the best gift of them all.

Whatever you do this holiday, make sure you stay safe. Cases are rising and flu season is here. Be considerate of others around you and make sure to be self-aware. We are all in this together.