Keep calm

5 Seconds of Summers newest album, Calm, was released March 27, 2020. The  title is  an acronym for the members first name initials.

photo by Official album cover produced by Interscope Records

5 Seconds of Summer’s newest album, Calm, was released March 27, 2020. The title is an acronym for the members’ first name initials.

5 Seconds of Summer is an Australian pop group and they recently released their newest album, Calm, on March 27, 2020. The album consists of 12 songs that perfectly fit the description of the album title. The rhythm of the songs will have you tapping your feet to the catchy lyrics and singing along to the infectious melodies.

5 Seconds of Summer became a band in 2011 and released their first debut album in 2014. Through the course of their albums, it is evident the band members have matured and as a result, their music has also matured.

Calm is an acronym for the four band members’ first name initials (Calum Hood, Aston Irwin, Luke Hemmings, and Micheal Clifford), but there couldn’t have been a more fitting title for the album. The album was released in the midst of global panic about the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when nothing seemed for certain, Calm provides a reassuring tone with beautiful lyrics.

The album’s opening song, “Red Desert,” poses a strong start to the album with its powerful vocals and makes the listener eager to hear what comes next. The overall mood of the album is very positive and upbeat. The album highlights the creativity of the band and offers a variety of themes.

The album’s lyrics are truly original and the band includes elements that make everything seem like a much simpler time. For example, the album includes a song called “Wildflower” and the song creates an 80’s vibe through its cheerful lyrics and nostalgic rhythm.

Calm is an all-around great album for anyone who enjoys incredible vocals mixed with amazing creativity. I would highly recommend this album to anyone wanting something different to listen to. During a time when it’s easy to feel alone, the right kind of music can lift your spirits no matter the circumstances, and this album is no exception.