Outer Banks: Review


photo by Netflix official movie poster

The new trending series Outer Banks.

On April 15, 2020, the series Outer Banks was released on Netflix and within a day the show was already trending number 3 and seemed very popular. I decided to watch the show and see why. 

Outer Banks is a combination of mystery and romance and I think you can say it is a mix of Riverdale and Stranger Things together. In real life, the actors are all in their twenties, but in the show, they play teenagers around the age of sixteen. This makes the show in a way relatable to the people who watch it. 

The series is about a group of teenagers nicknamed “pogues” that live in the outer banks of North Carolina. In the show, the dad of the main character, John B, died in a storm at sea. John B will try to find out what happened to his dad together with his three best friends. The show has a lot of mystery that makes you want to watch the series all at ones.

The series has ten episodes and every episode is a follow up on the next one. Like most series they end every episode with a cliffhanger. This way you keep watching and for this reason, I watched the whole series all in one day.

They showed the story in a good way and chose the perfect actors for each person. The fact that the show has a lot of mystery kept me interested and everyone is in quarantine right now, so the show was released at the perfect time. Right now the series only has one season, but I hope they come up with another one.

If you like the series Riverdale and Stranger Things, then I definitely recommend Outer Banks. Although, I think it is more a series-specific for teenagers, it can be watched by everyone. It is a good way to get through quarantine or just to watch with friends.