Avengers Endgame: A lifetime coming to an End (No Spoilers)



Marvel's Avengers Endgame came out August 25, 2019. Several people rushed to the movie theater to see it. Alonge with Case Jaukkuri, Wyatt Wilcox and Levi Keller.

Kyle Farmer, Executive Producer

Over the weekend, I went to my local theater and watched Avengers Endgame. Many people have been waiting for this movie since the Avenger Infinity War ended.

This movie showed a lot about how the death of their friends and family affected their lives. The whole movie is the remaining avengers trying to figure out how to bring all their loved ones back. But first they need to convince the team to help with their risky plan and that not easily see that all these guys don’t see eye to eye.

This movie is action filled. There is always something you need to watch.  They packed a lot of information into three hours so if you can hold your bladder and not use the restroom, I highly recommend that.

Along with all these action scenes, there are also quite a few jaw-dropping moments. I am a little disappointed in the small role Captain Marvel played in this movie. She only comes in when it seems like there is no hope. I really would have liked to see her play a bigger role in this movie seeing how she will soon be one of the bigger characters of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Also, I was disappointed with the fact there was no sneak peek to the next Marvel movie during the credits. Many fans believe this is to say the MCU is coming to an end. But as I believe they want you to focus on this movie not what is coming next.

There were several one-liners in this movie. From the biggest fight scene to just sitting around a table talking, there were so many jokes made.  A lot brought on by Thor and Rocket.

This movie did over $60 million dollars in ticket sales on Thursday when it came out. That is the biggest Box Office Sale ever.

I give this movie a 9.9 out of 10. There is a lot of little things I wish they would explain a little more.