Supermarket album review


photo by Karrigan True

Logic recently released a new album titled “Supermarket.” It has a wide variety of style including rap and 90s R&B. The day after the album was released, Logic tweeted “Thank you so much to everyone who has enjoyed the novel, soundtrack, and audio book. Do what you love. Do not be scared to create and spread your art.”

by Karrigan True, Photographer


Bobby Hall, professionally known as Logic, is an American singer and songwriter. Typically, Hall’s style is rap, however, he recently decided to change it up and make a new album with a different vibe. The album came out on March 26, 2019. It is a soundtrack for his new book. Both are titled Supermarket. 

The album consists of 13 new songs. It has more of a ’90s R&B rap style to it. It starts off with “Bohemian Trapsody,” which has an upbeat vibe at first and then goes to trap/rap at the end. This is the style of most of the songs.

Even though the album is much different from Logic’s typical music, I still think it worked out well. He put a creative spin on the songs. Several of the songs even include lyrics from songs which came out in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Four days prior to the album, Logic also released a single titled “Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.” This song is rap and more similar to his regular music.

In January, he released a song titled “Keanu Reeves.” After both singles came out, there were rumors about a new album with his regular music style in addition to “Supermarket.” However, Logic has neither confirmed nor denied this.

Overall, both the album and the two singles are very well composed. All of the songs seem to have a beat that grabs your attention. Some of the songs on the album are thrilling and take an unexpected turn.

Even if you aren’t the biggest Logic fan, I would definitely recommend listening to the album. It has a good mix of styles in it which means something for everyone.

In the end, I would give the album a solid seven out of ten. I do really like it, but I wish there were more of his usual music on it. I do, however, think he did a nice job with it and deserves endless support on the new music.