Pet Semetary: remake of the classic film


photo by Paramount Pictures

Pet Semetary movie logo.

by Case Jaukkuri, Reporter

This past weekend, I headed over to the movie theater Saturday to watch the new Pet Semetary. I saw the trailer for this movie and thought this would be a good one and people would talk about it.

This movie is based on the classic novel by Stephen King, plus there is an older film that came out in 1989. In this film, a man and his family move to a country house that comes with 50-acres of woods behind it. They meet their neighbor Jud and he has some dark secrets about the Pet Semetary and what is beyond that. Their cat ends up passing away and Jud, who has gotten quite close to the daughter of the family, feels bad for her because she loved the cat.

Jud decides to take the father beyond the Pet Semetary with the cat to show him something. Jud takes him to the top of a hill or mountain and tells him to bury the cat. The next day that cat is back, however, he is not the same as he was before.

After this happened the family just starts to go downhill, tragedies strike them left and right, but I won’t spoil any more of the movie.

This movie had some really good jump scares and a good storyline, but the way the movie moves forward I did not like. Pet Semetary seemed very slow to me and I found myself falling asleep while the movie was going, but then a jump scare kind of got me back into it.

I went with a few other of my friends and they would agree with me that this movie moves slowly. A little over halfway through the movie they looked over at me and asked where is the climax, has it happened yet? Overall, there were some good jump scares, though.

I give this movie a 7 out of 10.