Us: Jordan Peele brings another great movie

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photo by Universal Studios

I rate this movie a 9 out of 10.

by Case Jaukkuri, Reporter

Jordan Peele, who started his directing career with the movie Get Out, directs his second horror movie which is full of surprises. Us is full of crazy twists and jump scares, Peele delivers once again with a great horror flick, with a solid storyline.

This movie was great in my opinion, some people did not enjoy it, but I think Peele nailed this movie. With the twists that take place, you have to pay attention to all the details or you won’t enjoy it as much as someone paying attention.

About two hours after the movie, my friends and I were still talking about what happened and figuring out the plot, it’s complex.

With Peele being part of the Key and Peele comedy show, he knows how to mix comedy and horror together. This movie will make you laugh and jump in fear at the same time. Not only does he mix comedy and horror together, but he also mixes the best chilling music with pop music for the funny moments.

Peele’s new movie Us just broke records as the largest original horror film debut of all time. Us also took over the top spot in the box office from Captain Marvel.

I went with a fellow Meridian student, Levi Keller, and he told me how much he likes the movie as well. Keller loved the movie and the twists already mentioned, he recommends it as a 10 of 10 to go watch.