The crackdown on Crackdown 3


photo by steamXO

Photo of one of the main agents in Crackdown, with the city in disarray.

by Seth Barnes, Reporter

Crackdown, created by Xbox Game Studios and Sumo Digital has been a staple game for the Xbox Gaming Console. It has been an exclusive, the game released February 15, 2019.  Crackdown 3 puts you in a gangster-filled metropolis where you must claim back supply points, and other locations. The game features solo and duo campaign, including a new addition to the game, Wrecking Zone.

The campaign follows the story of a society taken over by gangs. 10 years after the events of Crackdown 2, when a random terrorist attack wipes out the power to the city. You become an agent, a member of the agency who was once the law in the city. You look to free the civilians of the grasp of the gangs.

The map is split into many zones, with different gangs controlling each one. After you capture supply points and other locations, you can also set free militia members to help you in your cause, allowing you to have more control and order over the city. The game also features a CO-OP Campaign. This allows you and a friend to team up and save the city. This creates moments of your teammate saving you in a gunfight, one of the best features in the campaign is the teamwork.

The game has a leveling system, requiring you to drive to level up your vehicle skill, punch enemies to upgrade strength, get kills with weapons to increase firearm skill. Located around the map is agility orbs, collecting them allows you to increase agility skill. This makes you jump higher and run faster. Also around the map is hidden orbs, upgrading all categories slightly.

Wrecking Zone features two game modes. Both are pvp (player versus player), where players play against each other. The maps are fully destructible, allowing you to blow structures up and add new ways to attack your enemy, there are a plethora of weapons to use, from rocket launchers, to a pistol. You can select your multiplayer character, you have superhuman agility and jumping ability.

Crackdown as a whole has many good features to it, the memories that are possible are limitless. The secret orbs give an incentive to search for in non-ordinary locations. The game comes with many options, from CO-OP to solo. Wrecking Zone gives a layed back feel, but also intense experience that can make you keep coming back for more.  As a whole Crackdown 3 has had a decent start to its life cycle, you can look forward to DLC’s to come out for the game. Make sure to check out Crackdown 3 and give it a chance.