Halloween winners


Jordan GoodmanStreet

The group of the Wizard of Oz. From left to right: Jade Kallenbach as the Lion, Sadie Scott as Dorothy, Samuel VonBehren as the Tin Man, Allison Butler as the Scarecrow, Dylan Baker as the Wicked Witch. Front row: Kaelee Stockton as Toto.

Jordan Goodmanstreet, Reporter

This year’s High School Halloween Contest had four categories: scariest, funniest, most original and best group. The winners this year…

Scariest: Zoey Hayes, as a zombie nun

Funniest: Tyler Wilson, as Dwight from the television show The Office

Most Original: Brian Reed, as Bill Cypher from the television show Gravity Falls

Best group: The Wizard of Oz, Sadie Scott as Dorothy, Allison Butler as the Scarecrow, Samuel VonBehren as the Tin Man, Dylan Baker as the Wicked Witch of the West, Jade Kallenbach as the Lion, and Kaelee Stockton as Toto

Zoey Hayes made her costume with a nun outfit bought at Walmart, she did her own make-up.

When Tyler Wilson was asked how he made his costume he said, “with an hour of hair gel and a few things bought off Amazon.”

Brian Reed made his costume with a mixed few items, some were bought off Amazon, others he already owned. When asked who he was he replied, “I’m Bill Cypher, everyone thought I was the Peanut guy.”

The Wizard of Oz group made their costumes as a team with a few items bought online and others bought in stores and others recycled. Scott made her costume with a store-bought dress. Samuel VonBehren used old dryer tubes, duct tape, some foam for a heart and clock, a gray hoodie and tights and a silver funnel on his head. Dylan Baker used his friend’s tights and a witch hat. Kaelee Stockton used some old leftover fur from a previous play, The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe and glued them onto a headband and gloves. Jade Kallenbach bought a lion hoodie at Spirit and reused a headband and paw gloves she had already owned. Allison Butler wore some old ripped jeans and stuffed them with straw, a friend braided her hair, and a friend’s mother made the hat.