Abe Lincoln book list


photo by Amber Miller

Abraham Lincoln books are available any time in the library.

by Amber Miller, Columnist

This year’s Abe Lincoln book list has been released to the high school students. The Abe Lincoln book list starts off as a master list of books that are nominated by teachers and librarians. Each year, high school librarians, teachers, and students determine the final master list of twenty titles.

All twenty of the nominated books are kept in the library along with past books that have won.

“This program helps collect really good books for the library,” said Ms. McKinney, high school librarian.

A lot of states have their own program but this one is only in Illinois. “The books are very interesting,” said Hunter Wolpert, Meridian sophomore.

The school encourages you to read these new books. If you read three books by the end of January, you get to vote for your favorite one.

“It’s a great way to get students involved and excited to read,” says Karrigan True, Meridian sophomore.

Check out the list for yourself on http://libguides.grantbulldogs.org/lincoln