Go see Game Night and collect $200


Connor Hurelbrink

Yahtzee! The movie, Game Night, is now in theaters. The movie focuses on a group of friends' crazy game night experience.

Connor Hurelbrink, Executive Producer

The movie Game Night was released in theaters on February 23, 2018. This murder/mystery film appeals to those who love twists, turns, and utter confusion.

The movie is centered around something many people participate in across America: game night. Max and Annie met while competing in a trivia competition and hit it off right away. The duo hosts a game night for their friends every weekend.

Max and Annie, like many families, are struggling to conceive a child. The doctor’s report shows that it could be due to some stress that Max is dealing with in the form of his brother returning home. His brother, Brooks, a rich venture capitalist, has an uncanny charm about him that enchants all of Max and Annie’s friends.

When he joins the group of friends, he can’t help but impress everyone there. He offers to host the game night next week and promises to send them on an adventure like no other. Max and Annie quickly realize they are not going to be playing traditional board games. Brooks unveils that one of them will be kidnapped and the first team to find that person wins his new car.

The fake murder/mystery starts out according to plan; however, only Brooks, who is engaging in a two-on-one fight, knows this attack is not part of the plan. I will not spoil too much, but the plot quickly expands as the characters realize that Brooks is in real danger.

Game Night is by far the funniest movie I have seen in a very long time. The movie combines suspense with humor to create a genuine masterpiece. You may start to understand the true meaning of the movie on your second or third time through, basically whenever you can stop laughing at the jokes. I would rate Game Night nine out of ten stars and encourage anyone who was on the edge about it to attend.