What’s up with the Forthype?


Matthew Sander

Watching film. Freshman Jordan GoodmanStreet watches one of the trailers for the game. GoodmanSteet had played only once before. "[Fortnite is] fun, but challenging. Rage inducing if you are not careful," says GoodmanStreet.

Matthew Sander, Reporter

Fortnite Battle Royale is an online multiplayer arena combat game produced by EpicGames. It has also been a craze for some students at Meridian.

“It’s like basically, you get dropped into this area that’s full of guns and potions that give you stuff like shield and other types of things,” says Zack Harper, “You drop in and you all try to gather supplies like wood, steel, and brick, build forts, and try to kill each other. It is so unpredictable. You don’t know what’s going to happen each time.”

Mrs. Campbell has her own opinion on the game’s popularity. “[It is popular] because it’s new. It’s just like any new app that gets released. Trivia Crack, for a while, overtook all of my students and my husband’s students, and then you don’t hear anybody talk about it anymore. It’s new and it’s free.”

Campbell has also noticed an impact the game has had on some of her students.

“I think a lot my high school students are sleeping less because of it. I know specifically, some have overslept, missed school in the morning, been up too late, or have not gotten their homework done because they were playing Fortnite all night.”

Sadie Scott has noticed the trend through Snapchat stories and says her feed is “Pretty much Fortnite all the time now.”

“I don’t think playing video games every day is necessarily too terrible. I mean as long as you are doing other stuff besides that and not playing for like, seven hours at a time,” says Scott.