Stranger Things 2; Return of the Demogorgon


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Snatched! Stranger Things Season 2 was released October 27. “I loved the entire first season, and I think the second season may be even better!” notes Katie Adams.

by Lydia Wiggins, Reporter

Stranger things, a Netflix original series that has captivated many with its retro feel and a solid set of actors from Winona Ryder to David Harbour has been on Netflix’s most popular list since its release on November 27.

The first season starts off with Will splitting off from the group after a long night of dungeons and dragons, and ends up in a spine-chilling chase with an extraterrestrial being with the nickname of Demogorgon. The first episode ends with him mysteriously disappearing, and his mother searching for him in the morning. His disappearance starts a desperate hunt even though he is actually trapped in a slimy alternate universe nicknamed the “upside down.” After six episodes of searching, Will gets saved from being stuck in the upside down but is now sick with visions and PTSD after returning home.

Season two starts with everything back to normal, almost like how life used to be before Will’s disappearance. I think that the retro feel of the first season definitely went into the second, but this time around feels more like a scary movie.  There is a lot more conflict between the normal world and the Demogorgon’s, causing a lot of running, hiding, and chasing which are some of the scary movie basics.

One thing that a lot of people have been noting is the character combinations of season two. The first season shows a suspenseful chase through the middle school halls between Lucus, Eleven, Dustin, Mike, Will and the Demogorgon. This is a spoiler if you haven’t watched both seasons, so be aware, but they make you believe the Demogorgon had either killed or kidnapped Eleven. Instead, she is saved and hidden by John Hopper, the chief of police in Hawkins, Indiana. I think the scenes between those two were amazing, you could tell they had great chemistry and could feed off each other’s acting which just made their numerous scenes that much better.

When Eleven is introduced for the first time during season two is where you learn she is still alive, and in the correct universe, but my problem is that she spends almost the entire season hiding in a shack instead of reuniting with the group of boys. The romance between Eleven and Mike was never rekindled until the very last episode where they share a very awkward kiss during the snowball dance.

Overall I think season two was great, but it didn’t quite live up to the hype of season one. The end of season two leaves me wondering what more they can do with the story since the Demogorgon was back in its realm and Will was now safe. Season three already has a release date so you can continue looking forward to that. Until then, enjoy season two!