Meridian “Gong” wild


Mary Adams

Gong show coming right to you at Meridian High! Make sure you come to school, don't miss it!

Mary Adams, Reporter

In 1979, the first ‘Gong Show’ aired on television, now we’re going to bring it right into Meridian High School, Wednesday, November 22, hosted by Mr. Stielow.

Despite the scheduled 1:30 dismissal, the high school will run the 11:10 bell schedule, and following lunch, students will attend the “Gong Show.” Mr. Stielow and Ms. Mullaney thought it would be a great idea to have a change.

“We were really just looking for a different setup,” states Mullaney. “It was just easier to do something more fun, so students don’t have to take this seriously.”

Conner Rosenberger, a freshman, is in a group for the show, the fifth-hour Integrated Science class will be performing together, and Rosenberger says he will be a ballerina dancer.

“I just think I am funny, so I think the students will laugh!” says Rosenberger.

Abby Herbert, also in the show with a large group, says that they all got together and decided to do something funny in front of the school, one week before, so having practice and patience for this group was a must.

Students are encouraged to have a fun time at the “Gong Show,” have a little laugh, then enjoy Thanksgiving Break.