The revival: Clash Royale


photo by Connor Hurelbrink

Senior Justin Hendrian is loading up Clash Royale to play a match. Hendrian is in arena seven (Royal Arena) and has over 2000 trophies. “I like that you can play games repeatedly, rather than having to wait until you can play again,” said Hendrian.

by Connor Hurelbrink, Executive Producer

Some students at Meridian High School have recently started playing the game Clash Royale again because of the new content that has been added.

Clash Royale is a strategy game played on mobile devices made by the company Supercell. The game combines elements from card games, tower defense games, and multiplayer battle. Clash Royale came out on January 4, 2016, and new content is constantly added.

Upon starting, players get a starter deck of cards and have to assemble a deck of six cards to take into online battle. Once in battle, you start with only four of the six cards in your hand being able to be used in the arena, with the other two in the rotation. Once you place a card from your hand into the arena, the next card in the rotation goes into your hand.

You cannot just place cards down rapid fire, unfortunately, each card costs a certain amount of elixir. You gain more elixir over time but can only hold ten at a time.

Now, you may be asking, what is the objective of the game? The goal is to take out as many of your opponent’s three towers while defending your own three towers. If you take out the middle (King Tower) then you instantly win.

After finishing any game, as long as you took at least one tower, you gain as many crowns as towers you took. Therefore, if I took two towers against my opponent, then I gain two crowns. If you win the game, then you gain around 30 trophies. Gaining more trophies is how you move up in arenas and gain access to more powerful cards. There are 11 different arenas that you can gain trophies and work toward gaining access to.

Clash Royale also allows users to use the social tab. In the social tab, you can join a clan of up to fifty users. Clans allow you to friendly battle with your clan mates. Also, there are weekly chests that the clan has to work toward gaining. There are two types of chests, the regular clan chest, and the two vs. two clan battle chest. That is not all clans have to offer, they also allow users to request donations for cards they want to upgrade.

Clash Royale offers users a unique card game type feel with an online multiplayer experience.