The show must go on


Sadie Scott

In with the old, joined by the new! Meridian drama is hosting a fundraiser through a dinner show and silent auction. Cast members are hoping they raise enough to put on a musical next spring. "It is a dinner meal with entertainment, a silent auction, and maybe a little bingo going on," says drama director, Mrs. Moore.

Sadie Scott, Reporter

Meridian Drama recently met to discuss the future of drama club, including ways to fundraise, the drama competition, and potential shows for next year.

The 2016-17 show, Ghost, had an unpredictable decrease in ticket sales, which most say was due to the show’s usual spring performance being moved to November of 2016. This lack of sales put drama club in debt, meaning next year’s show will need to have cuts of some kind. Drama director, Ms. Moore, suggested these cuts would be made through making next year’s show a theatrical play, instead of a musical.

“I’m trying not to look at musicals because I don’t want to get my hopes up on anything,” says Moore.

However, drama kids are not so willing to settle for a play and have come up with the idea for a fundraiser coming up in May.

“We are hosting an alumni show; it is cleverly called ‘In with the old, joined by the new’,” Moore describes.

The event is a dinner and show involving a silent auction, featuring current Meridian drama members along with any alumni involved in the past musicals. The show takes place May 13 at 6:00 p.m. in the Great Hall of the high school.

“We have a lot of dedicated actors, so I feel like we could do a lot that incorporates musicals,” says junior Jake Deetz. “I feel like drama really allows people to show themselves and be someone who they’re not normally.”

Senior Tiffany Reed won’t be in the drama cast next year as she is graduating, but she still hopes to be involved. Reed’s hope for next year is that drama is able to bounce back after losing a majority of what this current year’s cast is.

“What I’m hoping to come out of drama is that they figure out how to continue on. I know a lot of things were reliant on a couple seniors this year, and I hope that role gets taken up, and they still move on, and they still do great things,” says Reed.