For Honor, best game?

Spencer Maxwell, Reporter

If you want a thrilling, yet fun game, get Ubisoft’s For Honor, which is available at any Game Stop near you. This best-selling game has many exciting and new features you can experience. You can fight with the Samurai and defend your sacred jungle, fight as a fierce Viking from the snowy mountains, or you can even be a medieval knight who protects the walls of their ancient castles. I would highly recommend the Samurai because they are much quicker than any other faction.

This is a new type of fighting game that no one has experienced before. In this game, you have to be extremely quick and agile. People have compared For Honor to Call of Duty but without the guns. Levi Keller, sophomore, states, “The graphics on For Honor are amazing, especially when performing an execution.”

When I first played this game I was terrible at it, but it was still very fun. In this particular game, you have to practice it to get better. There is a story and online mode; the story mode tells about how all the factions became enemies and what they are fighting for, and the online mode is how you customize your character and fight against other online players. I prefer the online mode because it’s more of a challenge and customizing your character is fun.

I would highly recommend this game over any other Ubisoft game.