Cheddar’s…I recommend the chicken strips


photo by Nathan Berger

Cheddar’s in Forsyth sells a variety of food for a good price, and it has a great atmosphere anyone will enjoy.

by Justin Hendrian, Reporter

If you’re looking for a good place to eat, I would highly recommend Cheddar’s at 1340 Hickory Point Drive. They offer a variety of foods from soups & salads to sandwiches, and they also offer a fantastic kids menu if you’re looking to bring the family. They have a bar if you and some of your friends would like to swing on by and watch the big games or if y’all would like to hang out for a while. Cheddar’s is where you should go.

The atmosphere when I attended was phenomenal, and the service was friendly. The waitress we had was on top of getting us our refills as soon as we finished our drinks. The food took around 20 minutes to make, and while we waited for our food, it was such a friendly place, people were actually having conversations at the table instead of having their faces buried in their phones.

I ordered the “chicken strip basket,” and that is usually what I get when I go out to eat, but Cheddar’s I would say surpassed many other places I go. The reason why I enjoyed it more than other places I eat out at is because they give you 5 chicken strips, and once you start eating them, it is hard to stop because they are so good.

I will definitely be returning as soon as I can.