Crawford’s New Location

Crawfords New Location

photo by Josh Crawford

by Boyd Mathias, Staff Reporter

If you are looking for a new place to eat then I would recommend Crawford’s Pizza and Pub. They have a location in Maroa and a newly opened restaurant in Mt. Zion. Crawford’s has a wide variety of food such as pasta, pizza, soup, salad, and wings. One of the famous crowd pleasers that just about everyone gets is the breadsticks. I know the owner of this restaurant and he learned how to make such good breadsticks from his time working at The Pizza Factory. On top of the great food, you can get a great vibe from just hanging around in there with your friends or family.

The atmosphere when I walked in was great. The service was great because the staff was friendly. On top of being friendly, the waitress was on top of the refills. The pizza took about thirty minutes to make, but while I waited there were several TVs around the place to watch sports games.

Crawford’s pizza is my sister’s favorite place. “I get disappointed when our family goes out to eat and we don’t go to Crawford’s.”