The Selection

Shyanne Hagler, Staff Reporter

“Compete to become a One.”

The Selection is a 2012 young adult novel by Kiera Cass and the first book in The Selection series. The book was first published on April 24, 2012.

The Selection is a once in a lifetime chance for thirty-five different girls to become royalty, to become a One and live in the palace. But first they have to compete to win the heart of the gorgeous Prince Maxon.

America Singer, the main character, is one of the thirty-five selected girls, the thing is she didn’t want to be but her secret boyfriend and family pressured her into being in it.  Now she has to fight for a crown she doesn’t even want. She likes her lifestyle at home completely fine.

In this book they live in a place where they are all set in castes One through Eight. One being the best. America and her family are set in caste five, where everything isn’t very good, but isn’t that bad either. And her secret boyfriend is a caste below her. Which makes it hard for them to be together.

But once she’s started the selection, she meets Prince Maxon and gradually starts to question if she really hates it all that bad or not. She realizes that the life she’s always dreamed of may not compare to a future she never imagined.

This book is mainly set on a few of the characters, The Prince, America, Aspen, a few of the selected girls, and their families. Aleshia Lowe (Meridian freshman) thought the book was Interesting and said, “You know how you read a book and you’re interested in it, it blocked everything out? That’s how this book was to me.”

I think this book is worth reading, it seems as if you could be that princess and be with the prince, but also have to think about your old life and the people in it. It has me thinking of the Hunger Games because of the caste system and how it’s set up.

What is best? That’s what America Singer has to put up with. Aleshia says that, ” She didn’t want to be royal and with the prince like everyone else,” “but chose it so her family life could be better.” And that’s what she finds the most interesting about America.

This book took me only a few days to read because it had me flipping pages and took Aleshia two weeks. Her favorite thing about the book was the whole interaction with Prince Maxon and Aspen. “How she couldn’t set her heart on one guy.” And that’s just how the main character is. I highly recommend this book.