Nathan Williams, Staff Reporter

Game is the second book in the series of I Hunt Killers. There are four books in the series. Jasper is the son of Bill Dent, the most famous serial killer in the world. Jasper caught an impression in the first book; now it’s winter and a NYPD officer is at his door asking for him to come to New York to catch the hat-dog killer. At first Jasper is scared to go because the killer could be another fan of Billy Dent, just like the impressions.

Alongside Jasper is his best friend named Howie. He has a Type A Hemophilia that makes his skin bruise easily. He’s funny, witty, quirky and stubborn. He lightens the mood of the story. Connie is Jasper’s girlfriend. She is one of the few girls Jazz feels comfortable around given his father’s history. His dad may have murdered dozens of women, but they were all white, and Connie is black. Jasper struggles with following in his father footsteps.

The book takes you for an emotional ride, mainly because Jasper lost his mother and his father now has broken out of prison and is on the loose with the hat-dog killer. He feels that he owes the world so he must stop him, or is it the need to find the one and only Dear Old Dad?

Warning: this book will make you read non-stop throughout the journey. It places you in the mind set of a boy who is trying to find peace and whose only hope is to never become his father. Each character has a story and they each play a part in the game called life who will survive and who dies.

The book is very graphic and does have parts where you want to close your eyes as if you were watching a scary movie and you know the big evil monster is about to jump in the screen, but you can’t help but to open your eyes. The book does have some foul language, but you will barely notice as you read. You will be too involved in the book to even notice.