Dinner and a show

Dinner and a show

by Shyanne Hagler, Staff Reporter

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament


Yes, you have read it right! Dinner and Tournament!

The Medieval Times is located in Schaumburg, Illinois in Chicago on 2001 N Roselle Rd, 60195. You can purchase tickets on their website, http://www.medievaltimes.com/chicago/purchasetickets.aspx. And on there, they provide a calendar on which days you can go and feast!

It’s just how it’s explained. It’s a huge castle building filled with medieval decor. Inside the building, half contains a souvenir shop to buy shirts, jester crowns, and real swords. Then the other half contains the arena where the tournament is held and where you will spend most of your time eating and cheering. At first, before you enter, everyone is randomly assigned a crown color. You must wear it the whole time, so they may seat you to your assigned spot of the knight you will be cheering for.

This Dinner Theater is specifically made for your entertainment. They make sure you all are mixed up on different colored teams. The ‘peasants,’ who are the ones that will be serving you, will tell you who you can cheer for. For instance, if your knight is the yellow and red, then you may cheer for the green and blue knight as well because they are on your side. 

When the show starts they show the horses, they dance and bow, and do all sorts of interesting tricks. There is the king and queen included at the top. All of them, including the knights, perform in front of you. 

Every time a knight wins a challenge, they get a few flowers or roses and throw it to people in the crowd. You can only hope it goes to you! But then again, at the end if your knight wins against the jousting and brutal combat in the arena, he can go into the crowd and pick his queen among anyone he chooses. The thrill is real.

My experience there was more fun than anything. By the time it ended, I was wanting more of the delicious food they made. You get half a chicken, so juicy and rightly seasoned, a barbecue rib, garlic bread, tomato soup, and half of a potato. My voice was almost out from cheering so much. In the end, it was worth it because they put the spotlight on me and the knight who won (red and yellow) came up and gave me a banner that said the queen of love and beauty. Also, the queen placed a crown on my head. It was so real and fun. I wish more restaurants were like this experience.


If you want to set up reservations the adults are only $60.95, and children ten years and younger only get $36.95. It could be a handful, but in the end the payment is worth it. The show will leave you wanting to come again. If you’re looking to have a time back into the medieval times and food you eat with your fingers to make it more realistic, then see your way to medieval times!